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RGB Neon Flex 220V 240V 10x20mm Bluetooth Controller with Remote

LED neon strip

Delivery was fast. Bought as a gift for someone who is very happy with them. They look great and feel like they are built to last.

Not yet fitted

Bought this to run along the artificial turf and wood surround around steps weather holding things up also electrics to shed not yet installed

Ceiling light

Brilliant lighting strip to replace faulty lights just what we needed


At face value, it appears to be a good product but a 12 month guarantee does not inspire too much confidence when we are planning to have the piwer box etc behind a plastered finish. There is no paperwork / instructions. The website also is deficient in information. It woukd be helpful to customers if an infosheet can be created as the videos are rather basic / ameteurish. Overall customer service has been good.

Absolutely pants

I bought them as when you look at the pics, they're pretty bright. Don't know what's up with these but they are so dim - literally all you see if a dim white or coloured solid led. I'd say the led flooring of a planes exit lane is brighter. Such a shame. If you look at the lumens, it's very low. Literally imagine the light from one old white power cut type candle and that's for a 5m run. I've looked at the other pics on this site and there's no way that's what I've got. I've used the controller and have them as bright as they'll go. The pic is the back of my boat. I couldn't even see the table or read anything in front of me.

I have called about a refund. Nothing on that front either.

LED Light Strip

I am very impressed with the quality of the product, the service of the sales team and the whole experience dealing with the team at ATOM LED. I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone.


I was ordered one before and that was faulty, then they replaced it very fast and so
responsive. I'm really appreciate for your help. Powerful lightnings and it's looks amazing in my place.

Didn't use

Bought to recess in a shelf and added the recommended aluminium channel to house it that was shown on the product page. It's the incorrect channel as it's far too narrow for this purpose and not compatible.. Return postage would not make it worthwhile to return so not used at all. Please don't add "recommended additional products" on a product page if they aren't compatible

No nonsense.

This has illuminated my garden pond beautifully, and has left me with some great ideas.👍 I’m sure I’ll be in touch again soon.

Cool White LED Neon Flex Wireless 8x16mm 120LEDs/m 220V 240V IP67 Waterproof with UK Plug


Excellent service thank you

LED Neon Flex Light Connecting Aluminium Mounting For 10x18mm Clip x 10

Not a bad product but

Good product but delivery and service is the worst I’ve come across,they really don’t care once you’ve paid. Delivery is a major problem they just expect you to sit in for a week while they decided when to drop off

Fast Delivery

Very helpful staff and fast delivery

Excellent quality

very bright and easy to setup. fast delivery would buy again

The brightness speaks the quality of the light

Exactly what I wanted! My kitchen is a little dark and I've looking for inexpensive under cabinet lighting, this is perfect. Easy to install

Good service on time on spot

Highly recommended for led products etc.

Bob on

A te thi wet, bloody beltin. Cornt complain.

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